About Us

Nursing today is a much coveted career option, simply because of the many opportunities it offers. Apart from the satisfaction of being able to serve the ill and the sick, there are other advantages too. For example, those with a desire to travel the world can fulfil their dreams by being a travel nurse. Again people with a penchant for academics can complete highly advanced nursing courses and get into the teaching profession.

However, most people who consider a nursing profession are not aware of its many facets. For them nursing is a role that is confined to traditional hospital environments or community aged care settings. They find it hard to believe that a nurse in a critical care environment is highly qualified and skilled and helps the doctors greatly in performing their duties. This is the knowledge gap about nursing as a career choice that we want to fill through our blog site .

What actually is the focus of our blog site? A snap shot will clear the air about us.

We bring to our readers various aspects of nursing as a profession and all matters related to it. For instance, you will know details of courses available in Australia to further nursing education, their course content and duration and fees as well as career growth opportunities after completing the programmes. We will also take you through the various institutions and universities in the country offering both online and classroom training.

The blogs on our site will also highlight the many sides of the nursing profession. For example through our blogs, readers will know what it takes to be a travel nurse or a registered nurse practitioner in traditional health care settings. These will also offer tips on how to make a success of a nursing career.

Nursing practitioners of other countries wanting to be a part of the well paying and highly developed health care sector in Australia will also find our blog site very useful. We will put details of available bridge courses that prepare students to meet the exacting health care standards in the country including how to apply for them.

Our team of bloggers are all experienced and highly qualified in the field of Health/Nursing and hence all write-ups posted on our site have the stamp of authenticity on them.